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NEJM Interactive Medical Cases

September 12, 2009 1 comment

The New England Journal of Medicine is piloting a series of Interactive Medical Cases.  During this limited pilot phase there will be free access to the interactive cases and the NEJM are inviting comments and feedback on the pilot cases.

At the moment there is just one case available – A 52-year-old man with diabetes mellitus who is  admitted to the hospital after presenting to the emergency department with abdominal discomfort.  You can try out the case on the NEJM site and if you create an account it will save your work automatically on sign in.  Below are some screenshots of what the cases look like.

NEJM Interactive Cases

NEJM Interactive Cases

The NEJM interactive cases present an evolving patient history and a series of questions and exercises designed to test your diagnostic and therapeutic skills. The cases include feedback on your answers and video, animation and interactive content let you learn more about mechanisms, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

Dundee e-MedEd has been working with clinicians in ENT and and DundeeChest to develop interactive cases to support some of the core clinical problems in the Dundee undergraduate curriculum.  If you would like to explore developing interactive virtual patient cases to support your system teaching be in touch.