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How to take a screenshot

September 13, 2009 Leave a comment

A few people have asked Dundee e-MedEd recently how to take a screenshot of a webpage so that they can paste it into a PowerPoint slide for one of their lectures.  If you’re using a PC you use the Print Screen button.  I used to think if you hit this key it would print your screen to your printer (did anyone else think that?), but what it actually does is capture a snapshot of what’s on your PC monitor as an image file which you can then paste into a PowerPoint slide, Word document or into a graphics package so that you can edit it.  If you use a Mac you take a shot using the command and shift key together with 3 to capture the whole screen and 4 if you want to draw a rectangle to capture a specific area of the screen.

For helpful instructions of how to take a screenshot take a look at which outlines how to do it on a PC, Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch.

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